Our Staff

Professional & Compassionate:

Patient's Primary Care Physician/Health Care Providers are involved in developing the patient's personalized plan of care, and can prescribe medication, treatments and other symptom-management support. 

Hospice Care Physicians ensures the eligibility of the patient, consults with the patient's primary care physician to provide support and ensures that all medical needs of the patient are met.

Registered Nurse Case Managers are responsible for assessing, managing and administering the patient's care, and managing communication with physicians and the family. 

Licensed Practical Nurses make patient visits and provides professional patient care.  

Certified Nursing Assistants provide direct personal comfort care to the patient.

Social Workers possess skills to assess the emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs of our patients and their families and make recommendations for counseling and support when needed.

Chaplains provide guidance and assistance with the spiritual, religious, pastoral and emotional needs of our patients, our families and our staff.  Chaplains can work with people of all faith practices and with people who do not have formalized religious beliefs. Chaplains provide support throughout the grieving process for up to 13 months after our patient's passing.  Chaplains lead support groups that are open to the community.

Pharmacists review our patients' medications and ensures that medications are necessary and appropriate.

Volunteers fill many rolls and provide support to patients through staff support, agency support or direct patient volunteering.

Volunteer Coordinators serve as a link between our care team and our volunteers.